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The South is a land mired in mystery. In Southern-isms, I grab a figurative flashlight and explore what makes us unique.

Rural Roller Skating: Evolved, Yet Exactly the Same

I grew up in a relatively rural area where existence was pretty simple. My biggest pleasure in life was getting to sit in the cart at Wal-Mart and snarf down a freshly microwaved bean burrito smothered in cheese ooze, then … Continue reading

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Holiday Queries: What to Give People Who Want Nothing

With the holidays coming up, a lot of people find themselves in a pickle. Not a cute pickle ornament on the tree that means a dinky prize if you find it first, but a real honest to goodness problem. If … Continue reading

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Turns Out Invasive Species Aren’t That Hard to Kill

Before you jump into this week’s literary hill of beans, make sure you read last week’s post to get caught up on the action. (Lights come up) So there I was, sitting at my desk, knowing there was a captivating stranger … Continue reading

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Murder in the Name of Fine Dining

Before we get to the lobster goodies, have you clicked the “like” button for my page over here on the right? On September 30, I’m drawing 10 liker names out of a hat. The winners get a free e-copy of … Continue reading

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Lobster Killer, Kiss Coo Say

This past week, I was taken by the urge to kill something. I decided it would be best if it was a lobster. I got the idea by watching Julia Child. I’m not talking about the semi-tragic but mostly charming … Continue reading

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Why the Barefoot Movement and I Don’t Jive

Today, I’d like to talk about a pressing issue in our country. It isn’t the upcoming presidential election. It isn’t the East Coast earthquake. It isn’t even about whether my favorite food, Kraft Easy Mac, is really made of ground … Continue reading

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North Georgia: From Hoop Skirts and ‘Cue to Saris and Curry

Today, I’d like to hit on a touchy subject. It involves race, which makes me wince, as I fear that even saying the word “race” automatically transitions the assumptions of some to the word “racist.” Let me be clear: I’m … Continue reading

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Bra Fittings: Why Being Sized Up Can Be Hell

Not long ago, I was pawing through the mall with twenty minutes to kill before an appointment. I saw a sign for bra fittings. Well, hum-dee-doodle, I thought, that ought to eliminate twenty minutes and maybe I’ll learn something. I … Continue reading

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Can Veganism Fit into a Southern Lifestyle?

Four years ago when I moved to Atlanta, my husband and I were lucky to meet a delightful new friend. He was the agent who sold us our house, and after he made a preciously apologetic phone call to his … Continue reading

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Poor Mississippi

The other day I was at one of my favorite Goodwills, and it left me feeling sorry for the state of Mississippi. Not for the classic reasons including floods, other miscellaneous natural disasters, or the fact that, when criticized, surrounding … Continue reading

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