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If you like this blog, then you’ll also like Temp: An Accidental Fairytale. It’s available in print from Amazon.com or on my e-store, but it’s also on just about every e-reader out there for just $2.99 (sometimes less). If you’re an e-nerd for e-readers like I am, you can find the links for Temp on aemayer.com/temp. I hope you check it out.

If you’re not sure whether to tip the scales to check out Temp, peruse this summary below. If it doesn’t have you banging down the Internet’s doors to support new authors and snag a copy of your own, I don’t know what will. (If you do, please write and tell me. Seriously.)

Jackson Belle Bee Elders was a promising Magical Sciences graduate, but that didn’t make her immune to a down economy. Stuck in a temp job filtering creatures to magical staffing work, she’s downright miserable until the day she plays hooky and her accidental adventure begins. Fizzing with wit and escape from the everyday, Temp is a tale for anyone who has ever fantasized about a more magical life.

So, there it is. A summary of my first book. Did you enjoy it? Are you clicking “purchase” so I can go buy peanut butter and other snacks to keep me fueled and contributing to this cherry little blog for you? Are you beside yourself with anicipation and excitement, plus a tingling sense of well being for supporting a blossoming young writer? Pat yourself on the back, you devilishly attractive hero. You deserve it. Cheers.

With optimism,

a.e. mayer


5 Responses to about a.e. mayer : the author

  1. aemayer says:

    Today’s author fact: Vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor, with mint chocolate chip as a close second.

  2. aemayer says:

    Today’s author fact: This afternoon, I learned that buying 25 packs of grande jumbo marshmallows, 73 king size chocolate bars, and 25 boxes of graham crackers will earn you a lot of questions from curious passersby in Target.

  3. Denise Z says:

    Did you just smile and say – I always love smores at that time of the month LOL

  4. Wendy says:

    LOVING The Temp so far. I’m on page 35 or so. Having to strive not to constantly interrupt Stacey’s reading to quote every tenth sentence. She’s read it. She knows.

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