Fan Art: Waffledogs Forever

Getting fan mail is pretty cool. But one better is fan art, which I was over the moon to receive from my new friend Robert. Robert likes Temp: An Accidental Fairytale, and recently during a long-winded conference call he took to doodling and came up with this masterpiece.

If you haven’t read Temp (and you should), waffledogs are my food of the fantastic future, where two of the greatest vittles in known existence are combined into a single confection called, you guessed it, the waffledog. I think waffledogs could be salty or sweet and enjoyed as breakfast, lunch, dinner, blinner, or an any time snack. I’m open to franchising pitches, although the only thing I know about the restaurant business is how to eat. Still, it could happen.

But until then, enjoy Robert’s awesome waffledog art. Thanks again, Robert!

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