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Free, Free, Free at Last (But Just For Today)

I love contests. The rattle of plastic balls in the bingo tumbler at the old folks home, the glint of a golden ticket peeking out of a chocolate bar, and best of all, the shuffling whisper of names in a … Continue reading

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Support Your Local Elmwood

First things first, have you clicked the “like” button on the right side of the page? I’m giving away 10 free e-copies of Temp on Sept. 30 to my likers, so click away! Now, on to the blog. I’m from … Continue reading

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Indie Author Guest Spotlight: Suzy Turner

Today, I’m talking in italics. I know—fun, right? Why, you ask, am I wearing italics today? Aside from the fact that italics are hot for fall, I’m not the chief blogger this week. My fellow-author friend, Suzy Turner, is guest … Continue reading

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Murder in the Name of Fine Dining

Before we get to the lobster goodies, have you clicked the “like” button for my page over here on the right? On September 30, I’m drawing 10 liker names out of a hat. The winners get a free e-copy of … Continue reading

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Lobster Killer, Kiss Coo Say

This past week, I was taken by the urge to kill something. I decided it would be best if it was a lobster. I got the idea by watching Julia Child. I’m not talking about the semi-tragic but mostly charming … Continue reading

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