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Have Books, Will Buy Friendship

If you’re an indie author or one working with a beloved backwoods publisher like I am, you know that sometimes the myriad of options to market your book can make your head spin. And if you’re not an author, let … Continue reading

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The Link Between Canned Laughter and Automatic Toilets

I’m against any institution trying to make my decisions for me. I don’t care whether it’s the government, a family member, a toilet, or a television show. I decide when I’m finished doing my business, and I decide when something’s … Continue reading

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Why the Barefoot Movement and I Don’t Jive

Today, I’d like to talk about a pressing issue in our country. It isn’t the upcoming presidential election. It isn’t the East Coast earthquake. It isn’t even about whether my favorite food, Kraft Easy Mac, is really made of ground … Continue reading

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North Georgia: From Hoop Skirts and ‘Cue to Saris and Curry

Today, I’d like to hit on a touchy subject. It involves race, which makes me wince, as I fear that even saying the word “race” automatically transitions the assumptions of some to the word “racist.” Let me be clear: I’m … Continue reading

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Bra Fittings: Why Being Sized Up Can Be Hell

Not long ago, I was pawing through the mall with twenty minutes to kill before an appointment. I saw a sign for bra fittings. Well, hum-dee-doodle, I thought, that ought to eliminate twenty minutes and maybe I’ll learn something. I … Continue reading

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Say you’re a Writer, and You’re Guaranteed to See “The Face”

I have been a writer in one form or another for a long time. Years, actually. No matter what day job I had, I was always freelancing or working on something or other. But I never told people I was … Continue reading

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